Companies operating in Fashion market have to face every dSoluzioni MHT per la modaay a highly competitive contest and must therefore be able to differentiate the business proposal by evolving strategies of development, production and distribution. For these reasons, need to use solutions that support management and control of sales processes, customer information and business data.

For all these needs MHT offers MODADY, a comprehensive and flexible suite of Microsoft Dynamics business solutions to give a complete answer to all needs of the sector. Overall, flexible and specific, is composed of three solutions integrated with each other and that cover the whole Microsoft Dynamics platform: MODADY.CRM, MODADY.ERP and MODADY.WEB.

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MODADY solutions represent a complete reply to the needs of this dynamic and demanding industry. To manage this complex business, fashion companies need to employ international solutions, reliable and flexible, able to support them anywhere in the processes of production, distribution and development of their key sales and customer loyalty. The suite MODADY perfectly meets these requirements.

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