In analytical laboratories data and information management is tLe soluzioni MHT per i laboratori di ricercahe key process. The ICT system is the heart of this crucial process, so that the software requirements in terms of reliability and efficiency are substantially higher than in other markets. In addition, globalization requires laboratories to innovate and be more flexible and oriented towards the needs of the client, increasing levels of service and quality, always with a focus on saving time and costs. At the same time the requirements for regulatory compliance are sophisticated and demanding. MHT has gained a long experience in the field, developing Lab.AX. This is a complete system, ERP and LIMS software, developed on Microsoft Dynamics AX, which offers a complete solution to the analytical laboratories, reliable for all needs of information and communication.

Solution products
Microsoft Dynamics AX

Lab.AX allows all data and processes, from customer requests to analysis certificates and analytical information, are stored in one location in compliance with regulatory requirements and supporting financial processes and controls.


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