The special needs of companies operating in the world of plastGomma/plasticaics led MHT to develop the specific solution PLASTAX, based on Microsoft Dynamics AX®, for supplying a market that presents specific problems of raw materials procurement, manufacturing, logistics, product costs high variability.
Thanks to the wide spectrum of Microsoft Dynamics AX functional coverage and the integrated module PLASTAX, you can operate effectively in critical areas, from production to quality control processes, from inventory to the definition of product costs, at the moment and in the conceivable future.

Used solutions
Microsoft Dynamics AX
Microsoft Dynamics NAV

PLASTAX can provide wide ranges of products with a fast and precise planning. At the same time accurate data, inventory reduce and visibility of deman fluctuations, supported by a clear and complete view of all enterprise data, help to develop a perspective of "Leanformation". It generates a supply chain and production cycle that eliminate leakage and waste. They create virtuous processes for delivery of materials to departments, warehouses and distribution centers for customer order fulfillment. In summary, with PLASTAX you get more control of production processes and the optimization of logistical flows.