Consumer Goods

Customers very different in size, reduced margins and aggressive trade policies are just some of the particularities of the sector. To compete is therefore necessary to have tools that ensure business efficiency and complete control of the operational management of the company. MHT has studied this market for two solutions, one that extends Microsoft Dynamics CRM capabilities, the other Microsoft Dynamics AX ones. ConsumerGoods.CRM allows agents and the company to consolidate business information about customers and organize the sales process. Always to enrich the CRM functionalities, MHT has created Loyalty.CRM, the ad hoc solution to manage retail loyalty programs typical of this sector. Dystribuire.AX provides a number of features typical for the distribution companies.

Used products
Microsoft Dynamics AX
Microsoft Dynamics CRM 

Through MHT solutions you can implement functions that facilitate the management of the retail, collecting orders and back-office support; it is also guaranteed complete customer knowledge, relationship management and retail agents.


Some customers using our solutions
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