Support Services

Been to the innovative services for MHT customers
MHT offers innovative services, exclusive to customers who use MHT Microsoft Dynamics solutions. To help companies accelerate the growth of business value, MHT offers two tools to support the operational maintenance:

AXsist: for customers using Microsoft Dynamics AX
Assist.NAV: for customers who chose Microsoft Dynamics NAV
Assist.XRM: for customers using Microsoft Dynamics CRM

To provide professional and complete service, MHT has established a team dedicated exclusively to support service, with facilities and people capable of helping 100% of our customers with the best support on Microsoft Dynamics solutions, and to enable them to grow and evolve, with the cost and time under control.

Configurable on your needs, MHT assistance offers a full set of support services to help those who work with Microsoft Dynamics solutions, which support the operation and support the evolution of the system.

To join or learn more about the services you can contact us. Many of our Customers have already made it!