To compete in the retail world, you must have business tools that ensure efficiency and complete control of the operations of the company. MHT offers for this market solutions that integrate the functionality of outlets front-and back-office, covering all business processes: point of sale and store management, multi-channel sales management, CRM, supply chain, purchasing, administration and control, business intelligence.

The point of strength of MHT ERP offer is the complete integration offered by a strategic platform such as Microsoft Dynamics AX2012 R2, able to accommodate all applications: from POS to merchandising and all ERP processes and data, to give maximum power information for rapid and effective response to the problems and the evaluation of opportunities.

With regard to CRM functionality, MHT solutions give the possibility to manage, always seamlessly, any kind of relationship, even those designed with the end user. In particular, Loyalty.CRM is the specific solution designed for the field, which operates within the company's CRM loyalty programs in each individual process.

Used Solutions
Microsoft Dynamics AX
Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics solutions, with the expertise and the specific MHT verticals, enable you to manage not only the shops, but to integrate all business processes, including those upstream of the sale, as well as to integrate the various channels through which today are offered products, such as those on-line. Features that also extend to CRM areas: from the activities of the marketing department to the point of sale ones, from information useful to the consumer to those fundamental for the sales force, everything will be operated with a single solution, fully integrated with other company information systems.

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