Microsoft Dynamics AX2012 for retail: finally complete ERP for Retail world

"The key to the success of companies in retail," says Marco Auddino, technical director of MHT, "is the ability to manage not only shops, but to integrate all business processes, including those upstream of the sale, as well as to integrate the different channels through which today are the products offered, such as on-line ones. Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 for retail responds precisely to these needs. "

MHT is the ideal partner to support the companies in this sector

The new features are in fact based on the Microsoft technology of AX2012, which offers an ERP solution with a high level of integration for all processes and channels. MHT provides high expertise in this solution, thanks to the now numerous references, including Sematic Group, already live on the R2 version. To this, it adds expertise in any typical process and the ability to propose exclusive solutions to specific problems, such as Loyalty.CRM and MHT Customer Portal.

Moreover, MHT can count on a well-established network of international partnerships certified Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, capable of supporting projects worldwide.
Finally, MHT provides a support service to the retail operations in collaboration with leading manufacturers of POS solutions.

With a view to international development, technology can be a crucial support for the Retailer and must therefore be able to support business growth through localization, support services and advanced services. This is not easy but with the support of MHT is possible.