Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

Microsoft Dynamics CRM2011 is the ideal solution to improve your sales success and your customer service quality. Usable from Microsoft Outlook and Web, it is easy to use, customaze and keep integrated with other programs, scalable to grow with your business. The system always gives you updated information even off-line. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 all these functions are also available in cloud, at very affordable prices and conditions. To learn more click here or contact us. You will immediately receive all the information you want.
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CRM or Customer Relationship Management: what does it mean? Read immediately the flyer

Microsoft Dynamics CRM business advantages

  • improve sales success

  • give customers an efficient service

  • create marketing campaign and high-impact communications

  • decide quickly and consciously

  • share information

  • manage customazations

  • have a complete integrated system 

Improve sales success: Sales Force automation
Using Dynamics CRM with an individual productivity tool like Microsoft Office Outlook®, sales have all the information about customers and their activities in a unique platform, so they can concentrate on business rather than simple actions. Users can always access valuable data regarding customers and prospects, online as offline, thus presenting better and being ready to respond to the needs and preferences of customers.  


Give customers an efficient service
The assistance service team could organize and co-ordinate its job according to the priority of requests; service manager can arrange assistance operations and team through a simple user console. The level of Customer Satisfaction improves thanks to case management functions, to service chronology and support information that are always available for users when they receive a call. Customer retention increases and service quality is significantly perceived by demanding customers. 


Create marketing campaign marketing and high-impact communications
The Microsoft CRM solution provides advanced features to manage marketing and promotional activities, to have in-depth analysis, which allow you to schedule campaigns and measure the results regularly. Customer and prospect information can indeed be transformed into useful data to respond promptly to their needs, then developing a thought out and effective action plan thought out and effective. Another factor leading to increase customer loyalty and brand quality.


Decide quickly and consciously
Information and indicators performance control and supervising are managed through a pre-configured report set, easily integrable by users.

Share information
Every user can find the information useful for his job quickly and intuitivly, with a simple click, co-ordinating his activities with those of other company areas. Interation between users is easier thanks to workflow automation that give the possibility to have standard actions. 


Manage customizations and simple scalability
Adjust and extend Microsoft Dynamics CRM® to your business needs through an integrated interface, managing implementation as well as the deployment of customazations; the scalability is guaranteed by the structure based on Microsoft Windows Server® and Microsoft SQL Server® technology, to respond to different needs from Small Business to Enterprise. 


Have a completely integrated system
Thanks to a complete integration with Microsoft Office®, it is possible to complete company documents with Microsoft Dynamics CRM® data, create reports and customized statistics through Microsoft Office Excel®. ERP integration is easy to implement thanks to Web Services technology that consent a structured approach to integration processes.

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