Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

The worldwide leading ERP for the mid market

Complete, customizable, guaranteed and global it has been defined by Gartner Group as the best ERP software, helping management to be committed with the team and the company to improve quickly efficiency and efficacy, renewing with attention and control.

You'll find below some details about advatages you can have with Dynamics AX but if you want to know immediatly how Microsoft Dynamics AX could be implemented in Italy fast and easly, contact us. Marco Auddino and Marco Terrin, the most famous Italian Solution Architects of Microsoft Dynamics AX, will answer you quickly.
MHT developed also many solutions, (add-on), specific for Microsoft Dynamics AX: discover them immediately.


Microsoft Dynamics AX advantages

Microsoft ERP solution's complete functionalities and flexibility are ideal for 80-100 user companies, that want to have the opportunity to improve their business. But to companies of these sizes Microsoft Dynamics AX offers the most advanced solution, technologically speaking, to manage information and integrated communication, particularly advantageous if you work in innovative areas or sophisticated sectors.

The main Microsoft Dynamics AX advantages are:

  • Global solution to compete in international markets
  • Much more productivity: help people to work faster and in a more efficient way
  • Long term guarantee of innovation and evolution
  • Simplification in compliance rules management

Global solution
Microsoft Dynamics AX Microsoft Dynamics AX is the first international ERP system structured and developed in the new millennium. So it has been thought to give answer to globalization needs, that are right information and communication sensitivity.  What consent a company to catch both these goals is integration and so with Dynamics AX you work with a unique standard system in more than 36 countries, integrating languages, currencies, intercompany processes both accounting and logistic, automatically but over control and with a structured and unique workflow. MHT, internationally oriented, has chosen for this reason Microsoft Dynamics AX as reference platform, since it appeared in Italy. Thanks to its specialist know how and to its international partner network, with MHT it is easy and safe to develope global ERP platform, based on Microsoft Dynamics AX, exporting business competences to foreign branches or supporting release solution process of the Italian headquarter, sure of Italian Business Practices safeguard. 


Much more productivity: help people to work faster and in a more efficient way
Microsoft Dynamics AX simplify information and communication because it works as other Microsoft softwares, and it also works with them; so it helps users to work in a more efficient and familiar way and it help to be connected with customers, partners and abroad branches. Microsoft Dynamics AX completeness and agility improve efficiency and efficacy in every area of the company, giving benefits of integration and facility. MHT developed some high expertise, like competence in Supply Chain Automation ERP system integration, even with all Microsoft products, and a specialist structure able to give consultant services in every sector.


Long term guarantee of innovation and evolution
Microsoft Dynamics AX guarantees the highest ROI and the lowest management cost among ERP system. This statement is said by the best ranking companies, that consider the advantage in the adapting model, the Dynamics AX capacity to develop with the company, without a strict model. This fact guarantees customer the highest profitability. For example, Microsoft Dynamics is guaranteed along the time:

  • not only because it's Microsoft and it has development plans for the next five years already published
  • not only because it has a flexible technology and so it's a scalable solution adapting to business activities improvement
  • not only because it's the leader product and the most innovative one

but also because source program structure and availability make customer able to adapt the system to their changement, free to decide the best partner. To guarantee this opportunity MHT adopted technological and methodological Microsoft standards MHT, (Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step Methodology), and has, unique in Italy, AXsist, an assiststance and evolution structure completely dedicated to Microsoft Dynamics AX customers.


Microsoft Dynamics AX simplify the conformity thanks to its rigorous structure. This feature assure that even more sophisticated rules requested in Accounting and company processes are solved, practiced and controlled with some functions like transaction traceability or electronic signature and configured workflow.

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