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Ancorotti Cosmetics is a leading manufacturer of products for the Ancorotti Cosmeticscosmesi, which manufactures products for third parties of its formulation, mainly mascara. The lines with repetitive formulation are constantly being replaced by creating new products that anticipate trends in make-up. In addition to the production of mascara, Ancorotti fills and packages its products using machine semi-automatic and manual. The types of sales are bulk-fill service and full service.


The important company, founded in Genoa in 1925 as Società Impianti Elettrici Telefonici Ericsson (Sielte), is now active in engineering solutions and cutting-edge engineering innovations in the fields of Telecommunications, ICT, Infrastructure and Technology. With headquarters in Rome and 20 operational centers in Italy and abroad, the company employs approximately 2,500 people in total, operating in the fields of telecommunications, energy systems and technology, and for a couple of years, even in the provision of Cloud Computing.