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Forgiatura Mamé
Founded in 1905 by Mamé family, Forgeria Mamé Spa hasForgiatura Mamé become an important player in over a century of manufacturing and processing of steel. Founded as a small company in Milan, now has 170 employees and a turnover of 140 million euros. To differentiate itself from competitors, Forgiatura Mamé intends to invest not only on the production capacity but also on the quality of service offered to its customers. It wants to pay particular attention in the management of prestigious clients, such as primary actors in world, operating in the construction of large plants and power plants, with particular attention to the world of renewable energy.


Olimpias Spa is historically the textile company of Benetton Group, which also offers services to apparel companies such as dyeing, washing, labeling and quality control. Pioneer, which is based primarily on people and their capabilities, is able to understand and accommodate the needs of the fashion world, offering a personalized service to every customer, with great experience, but also with curiosity and innate desire to experiment with new solutions.


Publitour is an Italian agency specialized in turism advanced national and international services located near Verona. Specifically it designs trade show sets up, organizes events and plans advertisments in Italian and European guides and magazines.


Sunray ItaliaSunray Italia
SunRay Renewable Energy Ltd, branch of SunPower Corporation, develops scalable international projects in renewable electric energy sector, through solar photovoltaic plants. It works in the Southern Europe, where the high level of solar radiations and high governmental incentives guarantee important economic deals.


Tamoil Italy S.p.A. is the Italian holding company of Oilinvest (Netherlands) BVTamoil Italia Spa Group and shares its mission: economic development, environmental care and socialcommitment. Tamoil Italy S.p.A. is directly involved in: the supply of petroleum products, strategic planning, distribution of petroleum products through the channel network (about 1,800 service stations, of which 74 highway) and non-network. The market share of network refers to Tamoil in Italy is 7.2%, the consolidated turnover in 2011 amounted to 5.2 billion euro. 

“THUN: dreams come reality, giving hearth joy to us and others. In our fabulous world we make childhood values, magic and glow to live. We make this myth come true, through our hand made products, our pictures and behaviours”. This is Thun mission, company of Alto Adige, founded in 1950 by counts Otmar and Lene Thun in the Klebenstein castle.

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