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Twenty Five years of experience, continuous investmeChelabnts in innovative and high tecnological sectors, and high team member's expertise are the reasons of Chelab's success, become a leader in analisis and technical/scientific assistance services in many sectors.

Colorificio San MarcoColorificio San Marco
Colorificio S. Marco is a classic example of an industry operating in the process of paints for buildings. The problems of the field are broadly represented thanks also to the subdivision of the different types of production in special plants dedicated.

Dellas has produced for over 30 years diamond tools for cutting and machining stone, marble, agglomerate, granite and stone-like materials. In 1982 Dellas moved to Valpantena where it has its head office, near Verona.


Fami, founded in 1929, is a European leader industrial Torna suarrangement sector. It offers a wide range of products (about 40.000 articles for sell) like cabinets, shelving systems, trolleys, stacking containers and workstations.


Medtronic - InvatecMedtronic-Invatec
Founded in 1996, Medtronic Invatec Spa produces catheters and medical tools. Having a special know-how in plastic processing, estrusion and thermo forming, it cooperates to specific research projects with many Universities and Institutes.


M+Q ItaliaM+Q Italai
M + Q Granit is a company specialized in marble and quartz commerce, founded in Switzerland in 1932. In 1982 the Italian branch was established in Marina di Carrara. The company mission is to satisfy every customer requirement.


Electromechanical company that produces and sells systems for the automation of houses and factories, Nice is present in the Italian market as much as in international ones, through many foreign branches in countries like France, Germany, Spain, Great Britan, Belgium, Poland, Romany, China and United States.

Opocrin Spa is involved in research, production and sale of raw materials for Opocrin Spapharmaceuticals derived from animal organs and tissues. Life-saving products such as heparin, low molecular weight heparin, sulodexide and pulmonary surfactant are the active ingredients for which the company is a leader in the global market. Recently, Opocrin has increased its offer through the production of iron complexes such as sodium gluconate, sodium ferric saccharate and ferric protein.


Piaggio Aero IndustriesPiaggio Aero Industries
Air company, leader in the international market, Piaggio Aero Industries S.p.A. is the only one in the world working both in design and maintenance of complete planes, and in air motor building.


Sematic Group
As a supplier to some of the biggest elevator manufacturers in the world, the Sematic Group fabricates and delivers complex doors, cabins, and even complete elevators. Because their finished product can weigh several quintals —on an order-to-ship cycle as fast as 20 days—fulfilling orders from their headquarters in Italy just isn’t an option. Instead, Sematic must go to where its customers are. Consequently, as the company has grown, it has established production facilities and operating units in booming cities and emerging markets all over the world: Europe, India, China, North America, the UK. Wherever developers are building skyscrapers, you’re likely to find Sematic. 

Steinex is one of the best worldwide producers of machinesSteinex for splitting natural stones and concrete, offering a full assortment of high quality products. It has paid so much attention to the customer satisfaction that its products are well know all over the world.

Vree Health
Vree Health Italy is a company of MSD Italy corporate group, fully dedicated to the realization and commercialization of solutions and services to healthcare, based health software, addressed to citizens, health care facilities, doctors and pharmacists. The mission is to design, develop and offer innovative solutions to improve the quality of citizens life and support the health system to supply services of excellence, in an environment increasingly aware of the health promotion and rational use of resources.

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